come tumble.

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Took this around the Embarcadero in San Francisco on my stroll around the city with my camera. This photo passed the cut list during editing solely on the fact that it subsequently describes this metropolis of a city in under a few items. Stay tuned.
Sneak Peak of my Weekend 2 shots at Coachella 2013, stay tuned.
My final picture of the SF Solo shoot, ending at Fort Baker. This was one stunning place to be, next time I’ll need my running shoes :)
Late post: Easter 2013, First picture of the day as I went out to do a solo shoot in San Francisco. Don’t mind the pine blemish. Taken with D3200.
Was toying around with my D3200, barspin of my homie. Enjoy

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Utter sadness.


Here’s another view of my tattoo without my face showing! lol :)
Again, all tattoos were done by my amazingly talented friend Jason Goodstein of Unlimited Ink here in San Jose, CA.
He’s a very detailed artist, and I’m a fan of detailed artwork. I trust nobody else but him with my body. We decided to do all the outlines first, and save colors for later. I am in love with the progress so far. Each tattoo has its own meaning but that would be a whole essay if I write it out here. :)
♥ Have a good day!